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rail train applications

  ESTON heavy duty PWM master switch

ESTON-1 Heavy Duty Compact Design PWM Master Switch developed for Canadian Oil and Gas exploration
Available as ON/OFF, Proportional, Voltage, Current Control, and PWM with ramping and dual range Stepless  or up to 4-0-4 steps, IP 54 Protection

Oil, Ozone, UV and Salt Atmosphere (Ocean Conditions) Resistant Input Voltage for amplifying cards: 12VDC or 24VDC
Available with different Spring Return tensions or Friction Brake Incorporates Spohn & Burkhardt  PD-550 heavy Duty wire wound potentiometer (10 mil. operations)

Easy to replace (Push Pull) double contact element NSO53KB – available as gold plated on request

Contacts Rated 230VAC/16 Amp, or 12VDC/8 Amp
Life expectancy: 10 million operations

Variety of handles available (Mechanical Interlock, Push Button, Rocker Switch etc. 
For more options please see catalogue
Standard shaft movement   37.5

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